Slimreset is designed to help clients safely and rapidly shed pounds but exclusively targeting fat all over the body. By day 2 of the program your body will begin to convert your abnormal fat stores to caloric energy. As a result you experience 0.5 to 1lb of fat loss daily. As long as you adhere to your SlimMetrics (calorie and protein requirements) and your “Slimination” meal plan you will experience dramatic results.

The medically prescribed hormone is called hCG. hCG stands forHumanChorionicGonadotropin. The hormone is naturally occurring in your body meaning it is already present. By taking the medically prescribed hormone alongside your SlimReset products and meal plan you experience the full benefits of program.

Not at all. SlimReset utilizes only medical grade hCG, medically prescribed for you. hCG that is not prescribed is not medical grade and is typically in a diluted form. This is a risk to your wellbeing

Not at all, you can do everything at home, we will send everything right to your door in 48 hours. Your time is valuable, SlimReset is designed to be convenient and discreet so you can continue to live your life.

Yes you can work out while on program however if you begin to feel tired or hungry we may need to adjust your caloric intake. Our medical support team can guide you.

The injections are quite painless, smaller than a diabetic needle and done in the soft tissue of the belly. (around the belly button) You will get a video instructing you on how to mix, fill and self administer injections.We also have a "poke free" option designed as a transdermal cream. As effective as the injections without the need to inject. Simply 1 pump on your forearm is all you need. Simple and pain-free!

Diabetics and non-diabetics can equally take this program with similar safety. Blood sugar levels should not be affected greatly. In other words one should not experience hypoglycaemia.