Break the 5 Habits Keeping You Heavy

Breaking habits isn’t easy – they are typically the result of a way of life that is easy and comfortable for you. However, if the results of this lifestyle is keeping you from the life you truly want, then it’s time to suck up the effort it takes to change. Just two weeks of elimination will have you started down the path towards healthy change.

1. Say No to Sugar

Craving something sweet? Eat fruit! Otherwise, stay away from foods or drinks that are heavy in sugar. A habit of drinking pop, juice, candy, Tim Horton’s double doubles, desserts, jams, yoghurt, even alcoholic beverages all pumps your body full of sugar it doesn’t need, so find some healthy alternatives.

2. Substitute Your Snacks to Fruits and Vegetables.

The habit of turning to common snacks like chips and crackers, packed with empty calories, does very little to fill you up or provide the nutrients you need to stay healthy. Substituting fresh fruits and vegetables a few times a day (made easier if you pre-cut and store somewhere that’s easy to access) will make a drastic difference in your health and energy levels.

3. Moderate your Meat and Dairy Intake

The recommended daily total intake of meat (including fish) is a mere three ounces — that’s approximately the size of your fist. Dairy consumption should be restricted to low-fat or skim milk varieties, and be consumed in moderation (no more than 2-3 servings per day) Full-fat products can raise your cholesterol and even lean, skinless cuts of meat contain saturated fats and cholesterol that will work against your desire to limit calories.

4. Skip the Restaurant

Unless you can find something that fits your desire to limit fat and calories, eating out will inevitably lead to weight gain due to most restaurants focus on large portions and high-calorie treats. If you must eat out, try to only eat ½ your meal and take the other ½ home. Ask for the higher calorie items in your meal to be switched out for steamed vegetables. Focus on the company or the social aspect of being in a restaurant, instead of the food. Want more tips? Check out this link to a blog Slimwell wrote about it.

5. Limit Your Screen Time

Studies show that too much screen time can lead to weight gain. Whether it’s your phone, television or computer, extensive screen time (and the common snacking that comes with it) is a habit that drastically affects your ability to stay in shape.

A good rule of thumb is to limit your screen time to be equal to the time you spend exercising. While watching TV, if you must snack, try to stick to healthy snacks, and give yourself portions that don’t allow you to mindlessly consume endless calories.

Habits aren’t easy to break, but with the right plan and ongoing support and guidance – you can achieve your goals.

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