How to Make Your Golden Years Shine

You want the last few decades of your life to be an adventure. After all, you’ll finally have the freedom you craved as a child, the finances you lacked in your youth, and the free time you yearned for throughout your career.

How should you fill these magical years of your life? You can travel to the parts of the world you’ve always wanted to explore, or teach your grandchildren your favourite sport. You can dance at weddings and grow a garden, make music and volunteer for charity, or tie a bunch of balloons to your house and float away like that old guy from Up.

Okay. Maybe not the last one. But you get the gist. Most of us have a long list of things that we’re either consciously or unconsciously waiting to do, and retirement is often when we finally get around to doing them. But even if we live our best lives in our old age, there’s always one more trip to take, one more baseball game to see, one more moment to enjoy…

Luckily, advances in science and medicine are stretching out our lives, making it possible to live longer and experience hundreds of additional moments. In 2017 the life expectancy of the average Canadian was 82 years. Compare that to 1967, when it was only 72 years. Today, Canadians can expect to live ten years longer than they did fifty years ago! If life expectancy continues to increase at this same continuous rate you can be expected to gain an extra 0.2 years for every one year you live. This means that you’ll have a ton of extra time to do all these wonderful, adventurous things you’ve been dreaming of. But it also means you have to be smart and prepare for the future.

When we think about facing the future responsibly, most of us think about saving money. At the beginning of our careers we start paying into our pension plans. Our elders are always advising us to start contributing to our RRSPs. And even though it’s hard, we know it’s the right thing to do if we want to be positioned to spend our extra years globetrotting and spoiling our grandkids.

So, we put in the time and we put in the work and we save money, but for some reason we’re not willing to take that same proactive approach with our bodies.

Our health is the single biggest factor that is going to determine our enjoyment of our later years, and it’s largely impacted by how we treat our bodies today. We put this much energy into preparing ourselves for the future financially, why shouldn’t we do the same physically?

What we eat and the healthy habits we form today are going to determine how we feel when we’re older, what we can do, and how much time we’ll be able to spend with our families. And as our lives get longer and longer, we want to make sure that the final decades are as fulfilling as they can possibly be. That’s why it’s important to take the time to understand your body, what it needs, what hurts it and what type of lifestyle is the best fit for a long and healthy retirement.

At BeDoWell.Life, our focus is on helping individuals achieve a better, more healthy life by helping them understand their unique body makeup, and what it requires to function at its best.

Whether you are looking to lose a lot of weight and keep it off, or if you are just wondering what’s causing the minor irritations like inflammation, bloating or diarrhea, we can help you understand your body and equip you with the guidance you need to live your very best life.

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