Lapband Surgery: Considering going under the knife?

Lapband Surgery: Considering going under the knife?

What You need to Know About Lapband and WeightLoss.

According to physicians obesity occurs when your BMI is 30 or above; a point where the body is unable to process excess fats and amino acids. Obesity can predispose you to higher chances of lifestyle diseases due to the failure of organs to function properly.

Globally, people are getting overweight to the point of crisis. Fat, not slim, has become today’s norm, and like anything that is the result of long-term life choices. Obesity has opened the door for a variety of weight-loss options that offer results faster and easier than committing to a lifestyle change – but do they work?

Weight loss surgery

Depending on the choice of surgery, patients often lose 30-50% of their total weight within a short period. While there are many types of restrictive weight loss operations, Lapband surgery is a popular choice.

What is Lapband surgery?

Lapband surgery is an invasive medical procedure that involves insertion of an adjustable silicone band, also known as the gastric band, around the upper part of the stomach to close or create two chambers to regulate food passage.

The procedure

The procedure usually takes about 45-60 minutes. First, the doctor will begin by administering general anaesthesia.  The surgeon will then make one and five small incisions on your abdomen. With the aid of a tiny camera also known as a laparoscope, the surgeon will have a good visual of the interior parts of your stomach. This way he will be able to use the surgical instruments without causing any harm to the abdominal cavity while placing the silicone band in a correct position. The lap band is structured in such a way that the inner part has a balloon which is connected by a thin tube that is used to make periodic adjustments.

How the lapband operates

The small stomach pouch is responsible for patients feeling full even after consuming very little food. The feeling of satiation allows for a smaller consumption of food.  

The band only temporarily alters the anatomy of the digestive tract/stomach as it is removable. The size of the lapband can also be reduced or increased by altering the saline present in the band.

Not everyone is eligible for LapBand.

Before the surgery, the doctor will discuss with you all the available options. If you wish to proceed, the doctor will inform you of the risks and benefits of having the operation. Due to the health risks associated with obesity, you may be required to lose weight to even be eligible for surgery.

Generally, gastric band surgery is recommended for individuals:

  • Aged between 18-65 years
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) of above 40
  • BMI above 35 with serious overweight related diseases such as sleep apnea, osteoarthritis or Type-2 diabetes
  • Inability to lose weight after several interventions

Before you consider going for the operation here are a few things you should know:

  • You must make a lifetime commitment to a healthy lifestyle
  • You may need to lose weight to be eligible for surgery
  • You may need to quit smoking and regulate or decrease your alcohol intake
  • You will be required to eat slowly
  • You may experience discomfort when ingesting certain foods, even healthy ones that have difficulty passing through the band

Desperation is a driver. However there is an easier, non surgical option.

The fact is, this surgery simply provides those in desperate need an option to get back on track. But there is never going to be a substitute for a health focused lifestyle and diet that supports your unique needs. Check out this blog

If rapid but safe weight loss is required, consider SlimReset. If going under the knife is not appealing to you, consider SlimReset.

SlimReset is a nutritionally focused weight loss program that personalizes your journey to meet your weight loss goals. On the SlimReset program the average weight loss for men is 30 lbs in 30 days, and for women is 25 lbs in 30 days. SlimReset is a great non surgical option when rapid safe weight loss is required. Consider SlimReset first and live slim and well for life. For reasons why LapBand doesn’t support your long term health, check out this blog.

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