Wedding Day Countdown: Saying “I do” to quick and effective weight-loss

As a bride, you have a ton of things to worry about before your big day. Those who have been through the planning of a wedding knows that the stress alone can be enough to have you out of your normal routine and spinning like a top to ensure no detail is overlooked. The whole process has the potential to turn you into a raging bridezilla who oscillates between wanting to throw a tray of canapés at your partner and wanting to devour them in a single gulp. Those who do manage to keep their stress on lock down, can find themselves turning to bad habits to help ease their mind, and unhealthy snacking is a very common go-to.

The result? A lot of brides find that they’ve gained weight before their wedding day, and are either feeling less than their best (for the most important day of their life) or have literally outgrown a dress that they paid top dollar for and want to look amazing in on their big day.

Faced with the need to shed some pounds quickly, some desperate brides find themselves considering crash diets that never seem to work, and that can put them in significant danger, both physically and emotionally. 

And yet, despite the warnings about the danger of these “quick-fix” diets, the temptation to shed a few pounds remains. You want to look beautiful and healthy at the alter and in your wedding photos, but it’s more than that. You’ve finally found a partner who loves you unconditionally, who sees you as you want to be seen and who makes all the goals you’ve been exploring for years finally seem achievable – you want to be at your very best when they take your hand and promise to love you forever.

A wedding is a time for new beginnings. You’re officially committing yourself to one person and making all sorts of changes in your life. You may be in the right mindset to channel the changing energy around you to create positive changes for your health and body.

If you decide to undertake a weight loss journey before your wedding, you need to make sure you do so safely, and for the right reasons. Time and time again, crash diets have been proven to be ineffective and unsafe.

A 2011 study showed that people who went on extreme low calorie diets for ten weeks lost an average of 20.7 pounds of fat and nine pounds of lean muscle. But after ten weeks of starving themselves, the subjects of the study experienced changes in the hormones that mediate appetite, making them hungrier. Shockingly, these hormone levels had not returned to normal a full year after the diet had ended, meaning that subjects were prone to eat more and gain back the weight they had lost, plus some extra, due to the hormonal imbalances. A seemingly harmless ten week diet actually had dangerous consequences that lasted for years.

These are not the type of consequences you want to be worrying about before your wedding.

SlimReset is not a crash diet. We provide a meal plan that optimizes gut health, leading to weight loss and a healthier body overall. With SlimReset, clients are provided with grocery lists, recipe lists, and ongoing ideas that are specifically designed to support your unique body systems and food sensitivities. You can lose 0.5 to 1lb of fat a day on our express plans.

These means that you can safely lose 30 pounds within 30 days. But really, it’s not about the weight. Brides, you are going to be beautiful on your big day, no matter the number on the scale or the tag of your dress. Your partner is marrying you for your intellect, your kindness, and your capacity to love.

But, if you are in an emotional state where you love your partner, love yourself and are ready to channel the positive change that is already shaping your life, SlimReset can help you on your journey to adopting a new safe and healthy lifestyle.

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Study on hormones: