What is Coolsculpt?

What is Coolsculpt?

Slimwell recognizes there are plenty of ways to lose fat these days. While there will never be a substitute for healthy eating and exercise, there may always be that stubborn fat that diet and exercise alone can’t get to.  In that case, you may be considering Coolsculpt. 

Coolsculpt is a great option when looking to target problem areas. However it is not always the right option if you have 15lbs or more to lose. Here’s why.

What is Coolsculpt?

Coolsculpt is a non-invasive procedure that works by freezing fat cells. Someone getting a coolsculpt done doesn’t go under the knife; there’s no surgery or cutting involved, so the procedure is safer than other types of surgery, such as liposuction.

How Coolsculpting Works

The technician uses an applicator that works in a similar way to a vacuum, though not anywhere near as powerful. The skin is sucked into the applicator, which cools the fatty cells. The area will go numb, and it’s likely the patient will experience a cold sensation around the treated areas.

The procedure takes approximately one hour. There might be some tenderness or soreness at the spot, but there’s no recovery time needed — unlike actual surgery.

It can take between four and six months for the fat cells to disappear entirely.

Does Coolsculpting Work?

Fat cells treated with Coolsculpt go away completely. However, the procedure won’t stop new fat cells from growing, so keeping the weight off requires a change in daily habits around nutritional choices. 

What sort of cost is involved?

Coolsculpt is considered a cosmetic treatment so it generally won’t be covered under insurance. The prices can vary depending on where you’re located and how many treatments might be needed. Someone with fat located on several parts of their body might need more treatments than a person with only one or two areas that need treating.

Coolsculpt is a great way to target those stubborn areas especially, after you have lost weight and are still feeling like a little more tone is needed. Instead, if you’re looking to lose weight and keep it off a nutritional choices are the lifelong solution. However Coolsculpt is a fast solution for targeting 5-10lbs of fat in problem areas.

It’s also important to discuss coolsculpting with your doctor or GP. Weight gain can be linked to more than just unhealthy eating and can be indicative of other health problems, such as diabetes.

Coolsculpt may act as a quick way to target those unwanted bulges or problem areas. It’s non-invasive, doesn’t hurt, and you don’t need to spend ages recovering from surgery.

Consider your end goal. 

Are you looking to target specific areas OR do you have more than 15lbs to lose and wish to keep it off?  

A great candidate for Coolsculpt, is someone who is close to their target weight, but with some areas that may need a little extra help with toning or targeting those stubborn areas 

However If you’re looking for help with achieving your optimal weight, consider a nutritionally focused weight loss program like SlimReset that focuses on losing weight and keeping it off. 

Contact our team at SlimReset for a free consultation. We’ll explain our approach and why it boasts a success rate of more than 90% for those who stick to it. 

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